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RAG 2013

The Onderstepoort “Reach out and Give” or “RAG” project is an initiative where students actively go about raising money through events held at the beginning of each year. These events include Wine Tasting, Beerfest, Quiz Evening and much more. The money raised goes towards supporting Community Veterinary Clinics run by Onderstepoort and the SAVA. These clinics play a vital role in providing essential veterinary care for animals in disadvantaged communities where often there is a lack of infrastructure or finance to allow for proper care. The Hluvukani Clinic run by Onderstepoort relies on the support not only from RAG but also from final year students through 2 week rotations – this is a fantastic rural community engagement experience for veterinary students and they gain skills here that they will not gather elsewhere. As veterinary students, we take great pride in raising money for such an important cause. Make it your goal for 2013 to come and support us in any way you can. Last but not least, you should go through life and remember – “Always be the person your dog thinks you are!”

Heidi Kuhn
OP RAG Chairperson 2013


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