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Boekenhout unbeaten in both chess and cricket!

By Lugisani Ramudzuli

Posted on 15 April 2012

Its been a good year for sports so far, especially with both chess and cricket.

Chess and cricket. These are two very different sporting codes. You would be safe to presume that these two sports do not share much in common, and who would blame you. In one you sit and think for long periods of time, and then move a chess piece on a chequered board. In the other you run around in the midday sun, throwing around a really hard ball and smacking it with a wooden bat. Surely there is almost nothing these two sporting codes share in common, but on closer inspection we find that there is one thing. As it turns out, we are really good at both of them.

As I write this article we are currently undefeated in the cricket. Our cricket team has won every game they have played thus far. It has truly been an impressive performance from our boys. One we hope will continue. Not only are have we been doing great in the cricket, but also the chess. For the second year in a row, Boekenhout are the residence chess champions of Tuks. Yes, our skills on the chess boards are as impressive as our skill on the cricket pitch.

Athletic skill and mental ability. A truly potent combination. Congratulations boys.

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