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The 2nd Quarter

By Minister Mazibuko

Posted on 15 April 2012

With the new Quarter here, we look at past and future events and update here at The Republic of Olienhout

The first quarter was a busy and exciting period here at the republic, with the new first years settling in learning to become a Houte manne and adapt to the way of life, to Ienk, RAG,  and also the successful event of Braam Malherbe which was a true success thanks to the people that supported the event in effort to stop the rhino poaching crises also giving an awarness also thank to Braam and stop rhino poaching oraganisation. With regard to sports Rugby team winning the last three matches and in the top of the league currently, with hockey and basketball also doin well.

The new quarter brings about new excitment with regards to Serrie mainly (which we been practising hard) and also in preparation for the exams ahead as we are all here for academics.

Lastly follow up on events , news, sport, update on twitter @OlienhoutRES.

Thank you to all that support the republic and continue to do so, we thank you.

Language Editor: Minister Mazibuko
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