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Date:    04/09/2012
Venue: Health House Committee Room


Meeting lead by:

Robert Kieser (Chairperson)


Klaryn Booysen


Robert Kieser (Pulse)

Nicholas Moran (Dentistry)

Klaryn Booysen (Radiography)

Gerbrandt Viviers (Physiotherapy)

Daniella Ferguson (Occupational Therapy)

Daniella da Mota (Dietetics)

Jacomina Monepya (Nursing)

Claudette Veldhuizen (SRC)


Dr E Kok

Rene’ Stone

Thinus Dicks






Discussion, Conclusion, Action




· Robert opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.



Card Activation for Committee Room:

·  Will be activated and working soon so everyone has access to room.



Orientation Session:

·  15 September.

·  Mia Badenhorst will send out mass email within this week with all the information regarding the orientation session. 



Lunch with Dean:

· 9 October, 13:00-14:00.

· Should be interactive lunch, talk about ideas and problems concerning faculty etc. 



Budget and Year plans:

·  Email to Gerbrandt (gerbrandtviviers@gmail.com) before 1 October.



Opening of Sport Grounds:

· 12 September.

·  NB email team lists to Robert (rbenkieser@gmail.com) ASAP.

·  The names on the lists WILL get shirts.

·  Only 500 shirts available, rest will receive caps, vicars and bandanas.

· There will be medals for the winning sports teams.

· Programme for event will be sent out during the week and arrangements will still be finalised.

· NB students must bring student card with for entrance. 

· Control over whose name was on list and who receives food etc. can be controlled by permanent marker marks. 

· Bring helpers to help you with the mascot.

· Robert will ask about the parking arrangements for the day (will the Olympus parking be open?).

·   Mr and Miss Health Faculty: to help involvement and participation on 12 September. Idea is to have FUN. Organize judges. Robert will ask and organise on 5 September. 

· MC for the day – entertainment?

· No netball and Touch Rugby – Prof Buch will be informed on this matter. 



Spring Day meeting 6 September:

· Anyone is free to attend or sit in at the meeting about the Sport Ground Opening.

· 12h30.



Blazer fitting:

· Blazer fitting did not happen today.  Rene will let us know when this will happen. Hopefully next week.

·  Blazers R360



Guardian, Dr E Kok:

· Still abroad.



Nicholas (Social):

·  Wants to arrange a faculty HK social.

· Please email available dates ASAP (nicholas.moran@hotmail.com).

·   Dates should be for end of Oct (25 September to 5 October).



Daniela (OT);

·   OT Week coming up!



Claudette (SRC):

·  Involvement at Weskoppies at the moment.

·  SRC ordered shirts saying “I love Prinshof”. Shirts will be handed out on 12 September. 




·   Not fitting blazers today (will do next week).

·   Must be finalised before photo on 9 October.

·  Ladies must still find a suitable purple dress.



Gerbrandt (Treasurer):

·  Camp T-shirts.

·   Order put in last week, 31 August.

·   Big Thanks to Gerbrandt.

Next meeting
:             Tuesday 11 September @ 17:00 – Mascots and Blazer fitting

Next Formal meeting: 25 September @ 17h00


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