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Date:   28/08/2012
Venue: Health House Committee Room


Meeting lead by:

Robert Kieser (Chairperson)


Klaryn Booysen


Ane Vorster

Rene Stone

Nicholas Moran

Klaryn Booysen

Gerbrandt Viviers

Daniella da Mota

Kirsten King

Robert Kieser


Dr E Kok

Daniella Ferguson






Discussion, Conclusion, Action




·   Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting. 




·   Submit sub house committees member’s names, student numbers and portfolio ASAP to Klaryn. 



Special matters:

·    Visitors are allowed in Health House meetings. 



Report from Chair and Vice-Chair:

Important dates to remember in September and October.

·Orientation session on 15 September, to resolve   uncertainties.

· Camp on 22 September. Camp is free. Last year there were busses driving from Hatfield Campus to camp grounds. Ane will find out if we are allowed to take our Vice’s with. 

·  Sport field launch on 12 September.

· Submit budget and year plans by 1 October, so Gerbrandt can compile and send to Mia by 8th of October. 

· 9 October – Lunch with Dean of Medicine, 13:00-14:00 in his office. 



Sport fields launch

12 September:

· Official start time or “Ribbon cut” will be 8:45.

· Sports for the day include soccer, chess and tennis.

· Basketball held by the OT’s.

·  Fill in forms of students in faculty who would like to participate and hand in by Monday or in meeting next Tuesday.

· Dentistry students work on the 12th of September, Nicholas will try to arrange so some of the HK members can attend. 

·Physios have class on 12th of September.

·If you RSVP for the event you will receive a free shirt and shirt ensures free food (there are only 1000 shirts).

·Classreps can take shirt sizes of students wanting to attend. 

·Entrance fee is a can of non-perishable food.

· Each sub house has a mascot.

· Will be nice to have whole committee’s participation.



Mascots 12 September:

· Physiotherapy – Donald Duck.

· Nursing – Minnie Mouse.

· Dentistry – Mickey Mouse.

· Dietetics – Garfield.

· Radiography – Barney.

Try to work out shifts.

Remember deodorant and a clean shirt.



House Highlights:

·  Nicholas Moran (Dentistry)

Project Girl Power. Orphanage needing donations of toiletries. Girls aged 6-17. Donations will be appreciated. 

Wants to arrange an inter-HK event. Each HK should email dates that will suite them to Nicholas (dates between 25 September to 5 October), best will be a weekday. 

·  Daniella da Mota (Dietetics)

Have more events planned for next year. Maybe an outreach this year. Safehouse is one of their major projects. It is an orphanage for abandoned kids. They need males to help fix the place up.

· Klaryn Booysen (Radiography)

Sanlam Bank Loan to radiography formal for 3rd years. Cupcake sales and penny cans for fundraising to help with financing 3rd year farewell and lower amount of house fees. 

· Gerbrandt Viviers (Physiotherapy)

If the treasurer of your Sub house does not want to always drive to Roosmaryn to hand in documents they can scan and email them. This will make it more convenient, especially with green forms. 

Physios have a cycle group doing the 94.7. Can be fun to make it a Health House thing. Doing this for charity towards Huis Abraham Kriel. 

Just a mention – Interhouse potjiekos competition.

·  Robert Kieser (Pulse)

Medical Dinee on 21 September, R300 (meal included). Held at Voortrekker Monument. Also the launch of the Kaalender. 

Party Bus on 29 September. 

·  Rene’ Stone (Nursing)

Next week is East London Student Forum for Universities with Nursing Sciences. Honours students will have presentation.

Prof Ace was diagnosed with Cancer, students and staff leaving messages in honor of her. 

Nursing students working with CANCA as volunteers, maybe next year they will do it again.

Rene’ suggested that to ensure no clashes of meetings in the committee room there should be a diary available where bookings can be made in. 



Unresolved matters:

· Photos

Gordon Harris.

9 October, after lunch with Dean. 

·  Uniform

Purple is the decided colour.

Blazers –borrow or buy (R350).

Tuks badges – Robert will get from Wannabee.

Trial period for finding a dress – this week till next meeting on 4 September.

Men – Chinos Stone trousers and a white formal shirt with a tie in the color of the ladies’ dresses.

· Camp Shirts

Golf shirt.


Health House, HH logo as well as name of member on the back.

Gerbrandt in charge of shirts.

· Portfolio descriptions

Differs from year to year.

Not set out specifically. 


· Banking details to treasurer

All sub houses to send their banking details to Gerbrandt by next week. 



Some important mentions in meeting:

· Robert said important for this year is collaboration of sub houses and faculty house, socials, networking and outreaches. 

· Ane talked about having own SRC on medical campus but it will not fit into system. 

· Gerbrandt suggested a president in sub house to go to meetings for the chairperson. This will give the president more honor than chair self defying idea of being chairperson. 

NB addition to health House HK info sent out last week: 

· Thinus Dicks’s cellphone number - 082 681 7847. Thinus is the SRC Member for Faculty Houses

 Next meeting:             Tuesday 4 September 2012 @ 17:00.


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