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What Culture entails

By T Shatipamba

Posted on 13 April 2012

We have been diverse in our events; aimed at embracing the rich culture of our residence.

Ø Our long-standing traditions:

1. Valentine dinner

·         An excuse for lovebirds to cuddles and singles to look stunning.

2. House week event-

·         This event has been dynamic, varying with each HK term. Thus it’s normally named according to the theme.


Ø Upcoming traditions:

1. Quarterly birthday parties

·         Description: after each quarter, residents who celebrated their birthdays during that period come together for grand party

·         Aim: To appreciate our residents, thereby instilling a sense of belonging

2. Global Cuisine

·         Description: Different countries present their dishes. They are then judged and awarded for their efforts. The residents also get a chance to move from one stand to another tasting & appreciating the diverse flavors.

·         Aim: To embrace our diversity

3. Ms and Mr. Hippokrates

·         Aim: To celebrate our beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen.

4. Prestige evening

·         Aim: To recognize and celebrate the achievement of our excelling residents.

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