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Fast Facts

By T Shatipamba

Posted on 19 April 2012

Incase someone asks you about Hippo...

1.       Hippokrates is named after Hippokrates of Cos; an ancient Greek physician, famous for his outstanding contributions to the field of Medicine, hence called the Father of Medicine.

2.       It has been operational since 1997

3.       It is the only mixed residence at Prinshof Campus

4.       It’s a home to  students in the health sciences faculty:

·         Medical

·         Dental

·         Nursing

·         Occupational therapy

·         Physiotherapy

·         Oral hygiene

·         Dietician

·         Post graduates and

·         International exchange students

5.       It has the following facilities:

·         Library

·         Study centre

·         IT Lab

·         Gym

·         Netball court

·         Table Tennis

·         Pool Table

·         Braai area

·         Garden

·         Bachelor rooms (built in Kitchen, own bathroom ) with or without balcony

·         Underground parking area and

·         Dining hall/TV room

·         Social room (in the basement)

6.       It has a mascot whose name is Kratos denoting Power according to Greek Mythology

7.       It can accommodate up to 160 students

8.       It’s part of the 27 TuksRes Residences

9.       Its management comprises of House parents, House committee and residence administrator

10.   It doesn’t participate in a lot of events because it’s too busy saving lives




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