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                            About Asterhof          

Asterhof originated in 1926, then known as "Die Fant", officially making it the oldest ladies residence on campus.  In 1957 a second ladies residence was built and named Asterhof after the Aster-flowers.  A few years later "Die Fant" was incorporated as part of Asterhof and renamed "Vergeet-My-Nie" (VMN) as it is still known today.  In 2008 the Main Building was evacuated for 6 months to undergo a renovation..
In 2012 the new house parents renamed the Main Building as Forever Yours. 

Main building and Vergeet-my-nie

Asterhof houses over three hundred ladies, divided almost equally between Forever Yours and VMN.  All first years have double rooms and all the semis and seniors stay in single rooms, except ten.        

Vergeet-My-Nie was built in 1925, but the ladies only moved in on the 24th of September 1926.  VMN has two levels with the following corridors: 

• Fiesta below and Oppie-Ooste above in the East Wing
• Genot-Grot below and Up & Down above in the West
• Eetsaalgang below in the middle (The original dining hall).
• Gat below and Fools above on the South Side
• Stompies running east to West between Fools and Oppie-Ooste on the second level.  


Forever yours consists of seven levels:

• Level 1- Ground floor
• Level 2- Double- Trouble
• Level 3- Rebally Valley
• Level 4- Fourways
• Level 5- Five star
• Level 6- Six pence
• Level 7- Penthouse




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