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DOE-JGI Eucalyptus grandis Genome Project


The US Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI) announced in 2007 that it will invite, through its Laboratory Science Program (LSP), proposals for the large-scale sequencing of a number of plant genomes. Approximately six billion bases (i.e., six gigabases) of raw sequence will be allocated to LSP in the 2006 financial year, some of which will be used towards a focus area called “Genomes to Energy”. Fast-growing Eucalyptus tree species, by virtue of the fact that they are the most widely planted hardwood species in the world and important commercial targets for carbon sequestration, are excellent candidates for the “Genomes to Energy” focus of LSP. The LSP lead Dr. Jerry Tuskan (coordinator of the completed poplar genome sequencing effort) encouraged the International Eucalyptus Genome Consortium to submit a proposal for the sequencing of the genome of a Eucalyptus tree species. This invitation was extended to the Consortium at a business meeting during the IUFRO Tree Biotechnology 2005 meeting in South Africa ( At this meeting, it was decided that the genome of E. grandis would be the most appropriate target for a DOE-JGI sequencing effort. At the end of 2006, a delay in the roll-out of the LSP prompted an invitation to EUCAGEN to submit a proposal to the Community Sequencing Programme (CSP) of JGI. This proposal was submitted to CSP on 12 March 2007 and it was announced on 8 June 2007 that the proposal was successful.



The DOE-JGI E. grandis Genome Project will soon be completed (progress can be tracked here) and a draft 8X assembly of the E. grandis genome has been released to the community (EucalyptusDB). The first annotation of the E. grandis genome has been completed and has been released via Phytozome


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