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Lucky's trampolining career on the up and up

By Sports Editor

Posted on 19 June 2009

The immediate impression one gets when first meeting 18 year old Lucky Radebe is that he is a humble, yet confident young man.

Lucky is not to be confused with the former 800m runner who at the age of 18 ran a 1:45 for the double lapper. No this Lucky makes his moves on the trampoline.

A hard working Matric pupil at the TuksSport School in Groenkloof or in the words of his principal Hettie De Villiers, "he works his butt off". Lucky is never happier than tumbling about on the trampoline. But such is the maturity of this youngster that he has opted to finish his matric this year, as opposed to carrying it over and finishing in 2010.  Lucky first found his love for the sport eight years ago when he found a trampoline in Alexandra.  '"They built little trampoline's all over the township, so we would be bouncing on them everyday.  It was lots of fun," says Lucky.   So much fun in fact that he devoted more and more time to it and was soon spotted by the Olympic Governing Body, SASCOC, and put on their development programme. And that's how he finds himself now at the TuksSport School.

Four years ago he was offered a bursary and snatched it with open arms. Not only is his education taken care of, but he also has all the sports science backing, his heart desires at his beck and call through the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria.   Monday's to Thursdays he can be found honing his skill at the "Dome" at LC De Villiers. Every morning he sweats for an hour and half
and the afternoons it is another 2 hours practicing routines, building his strength and his skill.

Such is that skill, that he has traveled regularly since 2001, which is when he started his "career" on the trampoline.
Lucky has represented South Africa at events in Denmark, Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. In July 2008 Lucky was competing at the Taipei World Games Qualifying Event. He replaced the injured Offering Tlaka and Morne Olivier in this event, and finished in 4th place, thus qualifying for the Games, which take place from July 16-26 this year. Lucky knows that in order for him to become really good, he needs to compete regularly in Europe, but first he wants to get his all important matric certificate.

Talented, humble, driven, hard working and pragmatic. Lucky certainly has what it takes to succeed in life, no matter what he decides to do.
(Article as was published in Pretoria News, 16 June 2009)

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