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Department of Visual Arts


BA Information Design (ID)

The successful information designer (visual communications designer) is a professional, highly qualified person who plays a decisive strategic role in creating the contemporary visual environment. We live in a world in which we are surrounded by words and pictures and it is the designer’s responsibility to provide original solutions to mass communication problems.

BA Fine Arts (FA)

Fine Arts by its unique nature enriches our lives, culture and society. It is the means by which people communicate with one another in a visual form, passing on shared values that help to generate a sense of identity and belonging. If you want a course in which knowledge, imagination, appreciation and evaluation are skilfully combined then the Fine Arts course is for you.
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BA (Visual Studies) (VS)

We live in a world that is laden with all kinds of visual messages (for example, TV, advertisements, billboards, and the Internet), and Visual Studies introduces you to the critical skills you need to be able to ‘read’ these messages. These skills will equip you with the ability to understand, analyse and interpret all kinds of visual messages. Read more…