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Luminous Day House

By Mia Badenhorst

Posted on 09 March 2011

Luminous Logo
Luminous Logo

We are thrilled to announce the founding of Luminous - a brand new Day House at Tuks.

By joining Luminous, day students can expect to have a truly holistic student life experience.  The House will participate in a wide range of sport, rag and cultural activities.

The newly elected Luminous House Committee is an energetic group of Tukkies from diverse backgrounds, and they feel strongly that this new Day House will be based on sound values. 


Luminous obtained provisional Day House status last week – after submitting the required paperwork to the University Management.  The new Policy on Day Houses made this breakthrough possible and in future there may be even more Day Houses to cater for the ever-increasing day student population at Tuks.


The Luminous motto, “Lucidum Intervallum”, is a Latin term for “having a bright moment in the midst of chaos”.  We wish you many bright moments, Luminous!


For more information, please contact the Chairperson, Bernhard Breytenbach on 083 963 3637.


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