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New Students- Undergraduate

Admission information and Faculty brochures

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General Information


2015: Study Programme information
Complete prospectus for prospective undergraduate students, which includes study programmes, admission requirements, career opportunities and other important information


2015: Study Programme summary
Summary of study programmes and admission requirements

2014: Study Programme Information 2014
2014: Institutional information and general regulations
2014: Fact Finder 2014

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology

Yearbook 2014 - Engineering
Yearbook 2014 - Built Environment
Yearbook 2014 - Information Technology
Faculty Brochure 2014/15
EBIT Week 2014 - General information
EBIT Week 2014 - Application form

Faculty of Health Sciences

Yearbook 2014
Faculty Brochure 2014/15

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Yearbook 2014
Faculty Brochure 2014/15