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Education Innovation

About us

About the Department

The Department for Education Innovation (formerly the Department of Telematic Learning and Education Innovation) was established at the University of Pretoria in 1997. It was born as the result of restructuring the then Bureau for Academic Support Services (which had primarily focused on supporting contact education) to encompass elements of flexible, technology-enhanced and student-centred learning approaches

Education Innovation's Vision & Mission


Creating synergy towards innovative education environments for student engagement and success.


  • Leading through knowledge generation and application related to educational theories, practices, trends, policies and technology
  • Creating a vision for quality teaching, learning and assessment and enabling staff to accomplish that vision
  • Advising decision-makers at all institutional levels on educational practice that promotes student engagement and success
  • Providing academic professional development opportunities, support and facilitation in a variety of media
  • Designing, developing and refining learning resources and environments in all media
  • Integrating theory and practice, different technologies, resources, people and processes