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UP Researchers are the Bee's Knees

By Jaco Mare

Posted on 10 February 2011

We are pleased to congratulate the UP's Department of Zoology & Entomology team namely Prof. Robin Crewe, Dr. Catherine Sole and Dr. Christian Pirk, who joined hands to contribute to a recent international publication by Springer.

"Honeybees of Asia" provides a comprehensive review of the honeybees of Africa on a subspecies as well as by country basis. It includes an updated multivariate analysis of the subspecies based on the merger of the Ruttner database (Oberursel) and that of Hepburn & Radloff (Grahamstown) for nearly 20,000 bees. Special emphasis is placed on natural zones of hybridisation and introgression of different populations; seasonal cycles of development in different ecological-climatological zones of the continent; swarming, migration and absconding; and an analysis of the bee flora of the continent. The text is supplemented by tables containing quantitative data on all aspects of honeybee biology, and by continental and regional maps. The work provides an essential foundation for future research. Contributions from the UP researchers focus on Pheromones, The Energetic Aspects of Flight and Genetic Considerations.

(Hepburn, H. Randall; Radloff, Sarah E. (Eds.), 2011)

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