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UPís NSTF Awards finalists!

Posted on 16 April 2009

The Research Office wishes to congratulate the following UP researchers who were selected as finalists for the National Science and Technology Forum 2008/9 awards ó

Professor Pat G Eriksson – Professor and Head of Department: Geology, University of Pretoria
For research into the history of the earth by analysing sedimentary deposits.

Ms Rudi Horak– Manager: Sci-Enza Science Centre, University of Pretoria
For her work in the management of the Sci-Enza Science and Technology outreach project at the University of Pretoria.

Professor Kobus J G Maree – Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria
For his energetic contribution towards overcoming the shackles of a poor school education and providing an entry to higher education for such learners. 

Professor Zander Myburg – Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, University of Pretoria and Research leader of the Forest Molecular Genetics Programme
For a contribution to the genetic improvement of trees, particularly eucalyptus trees in SA. 

Marti-Diagnosis: Molecular and Cellular Medical Institute (Prof Jan Verschoor and Team), University of Pretoria
The institute has pioneered a new method of diagnosis for TB which can deliver a result in 8 hrs which should transform the treatment of the disease. 

We wish you all of the best!

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