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Tuks FM the king of campus radio at MTN Radio Awards

By Nicolize Mulder

Posted on 19 April 2012

The Tuks FM team celebrating their on-air accomplishments during this year's MTN Radio Awards.
The Tuks FM team celebrating their on-air accomplishments during this year's MTN Radio Awards.

Tuks FM 107.2 rocks!

This fact was officially confirmed over the weekend when the campus broadcaster of the University of Pretoria (UP) almost made a clean sweep at the annual MTN Radio Awards. During the award ceremony held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, the energetic Tuks FM team heard that they’ve won seven awards as a campus radio station, one of which was the coveted title of Campus Station of the Year 2012.

Tuks FM entered into 18 categories this year, and was eventually nominated for six awards in five categories. During Saturday night’s ceremony Tuks FM received the following awards in the section for campus stations: Best News Bulletin Reader; Best Daytime Presenter; Best Breakfast Presenter and Best Music Show. Tuks FM also received a merit award for the best Night Time Show on a Campus Station, as well as the Best Music Presenter on a Campus Station.

Tuks FM has been known for some time as a breeding ground for radio station personnel and many students who used to be involved at the station are currently involved in the South African radio industry where they are fulfilling various roles throughout the spectrum. It is for this reason that Tuks FM, its presenters and personnel often attract the attention of commercial radio stations.

Furthermore, if you keep in mind that the station uses a low-powered transmitter, it is clear that it attracts an audience much wider than students only. The flexibility enjoyed by such a community and student station enables experimentation and fresh ideas – radio innovation – on a daily basis. Due to a limited budget, all presenters and personnel are volunteers – an indication of the passion and enthusiasm shown by them to make this station a success.

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