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Renowned financial expert visits University of Pretoria

Posted on 08 March 2010

Dr Andries Terblanché
Dr Andries Terblanché

As part of its celebration of achieving 90 years of existence, The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences of the University of Pretoria (UP) will have a financial workshop on risks and the impact thereof on financial institutions. It will be presented by a financial expert Dr Andries Terblanché.

Dr Andries Terblanché is a Chairman of Financial Services for KPMG in Australia. In this capacity, he has worked closely with risk professionals, mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries, accountants, economists and demographers.

He is a popular lecturer to MBA students at the University of Technology in Sydney, and a professor of accounting and finance at the University of Pretoria. He interacts closely with economists from Stanford and Chicago Universities in the discussion and analysis of global matters.

Dr Andries Terblanché recently received the University of Pretoria’s Laureate Alumni Award, and last year the World Economic Forum invited him to serve on its Global Risk Network.

The workshop will consist of different modules will be held on 11 March 2010 at the Senate Hall, University of Pretoria.

It will consist of the following modules:

1) The Changing Face of Risk
2) Fragility: The new Normal
3) Moral Hazards
4) Lessons past and present

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