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Community Project Module

Engineering students + learners from HS Langenhoven = Understanding maths

By Martina Jordaan

Posted on 25 June 2010

JCP-students assisted learners at Langehoven High School with maths

A group of engineering students enrolled for the compulsory undergraduate Community-Based project Module (JCP) of the Faculty Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology assisted the Maths teacher, Ansie van Heerden, with the Winter school. They are Sharath Jose, Michael Chennells, Michael Crossey, Anthony Bullig and Natashe Mashego

Their team leader, Sharath wrote:

“We are the team of HS LANGENHOVEN. We undertook the task of aiding matric learners in better understanding and hopefully improving their overall maths performance. The initiative was taken to help High School Langenhoven during their winter school, our group would teach the weaker maths learners so as to better themselves in the subject. Our main focus for the winter school school period was the section on graphing as this has a substantial mark allocation in the final examination. The learners we were assigned to were not very strong and it was not easy to make them understand the material. With time we found the best way to get through to them and make the work interesting. Treats were a good start as fizz pops and other sweets helped keep energy levels high during the very cold winter mornings.  The experience was truly rewarding and we hope that we made a difference. Teaching allows someone to do more than just give back to a community; it allows knowledge to be passed and lives to be changed. A special thanks to Ansie van Heerden, the maths teacher at the school that supervised us through the whole process. I hope her learners benefited from us being their. Before leaving we gave her a small gift.”


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