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The following players, amongst many others, have benefited from this training!

Bryan Habana says ‘Thanks Sherylle for making my eyes as quick as my feet’, Rugby World Cup 2007   

Grey College - Johan Volsteedt (2007)
"Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of our sportsmen, especially our 1st rugby team in 2007 and 2008 where we have been unbeaten. The team has been very successful and compliments on their on-field skills, awareness and vision have been received from many people who have watched them play"

Bob Woolmer - International Cricket Coach
"The importance of picking length as a batsman cannot be overestimated. Using the eyes is therefore paramount to the skill.""Sherylle Calder's research and work indicates that by training the eyes the skill can improve and I wholeheartedly believe this to be the case." SA Cricket/Pakistan Cricket

/sitefiles/Image/1795/hpc2/spain.jpg Maurits Hendriks, Head Coach, Spanish National Hockey Team "I was unaware of the enormous importance that eye training has in making the player better, until we started working with Sherylle. I see how players lose less time observing players and take their decisions that split second faster. We use this program in 'preparing to win'."

Boeta Dippenaar – International Cricketer
“The effect it had on my cricket has been huge. Early on in a batsmen innings is always the most venerable part of the innings as ones struggles to pick up line and length quickly. By using the visual training program I felt a huge difference in early and most venerable part of my innings. As batsmen we need to react quickly and accurately to the ball that is delivered from the bowler. It just makes perfect sense that we need to train our eyes as what we see triggers our action to shot we need to play.
With split seconds to react and make the right decision, the visual training program will certainly give you a better chance of succeeding. Visual training is a must for all sportsmen and women who are striving to get better and better. Try it for yourself and see the difference.”

Nicky Boje - ex-SA krieketspeler en speel nou vir Northamptonshire CountyKrieket in Engeland
“Ek het die visuele oefen program Februarie 2008 begin gebruik en die groot redewas,dat in krieket oefen jy baie aan al die aspekte van die spel,maar nie aan die belangrikste JOU OE nie. Van ek die program gebruik het, het my spel baie verbeter,ek tel die bal vinniger op as ek kolf en dit beteken dat ek in `n beter posisie kom om die bal te speel. Ook in die veld tel ek die bal vinniger op en beweeg beter na die bal. Ek wens ek kon visuele oefening 10 jaar terug gebruik het toe ek vir Suid afrika begin speel het.Ek dink dat enige iemand wat sport ernstig opneem visuele oefening moet gebruik, dit werk vir my! Dit sal vir jou ook werk!”