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Services Rendered and Eligibility for Services

A variety of services are rendered by well-trained attorneys, candidate attorneys and students. However, these services are available only to those individuals who qualify in terms of the 'means test' determined by the Law Society of South Africa. Rendering of the below-listed services are to provide much needed legal aid to the indigent who have very little chance of obtaining these services from private practitioners.

These matters include the following:

1.      Divorces

2.      Maintenance matters

3.      Family Law matters

4.      Housing matters

5.      Delictual claims for example motor vehicle accidents

6.      Other civil litigation in Magistrate's and High Court

7.      Consumer matters

8.      Criminal cases - only at the Hatfield Community Court

9.      General enquiries – opinions

10.     Labour matters

11.     Debt Counselling.

Photo by/foto deur Lourens Grové

Matters not dealt with by the Law Clinic include the following:

1.         Third Party Claims

2.         Estates

3.         Wills

4.         Sequestrations
5.         Liquidation

6.         Transfer of Property

7.         Commercial matters - for example the registration of a company or CC

8.         Defamation (on behalf of the plaintiff).

Furthermore the Law Clinic does not:

·                    Conduct any consultations telephonically or by e-mails. An appointment must be made for consultation at our offices;

·                    Charge any fees for professional services rendered to our clients. The clients are only liable to pay for our disbursements such as revenue stamps and sheriff's fees.




Clients waiting for legal aid assistance.