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Department of Economics

Monetary Economics and Macroeconomic Modelling Workshop, 10 and 11 March 2011, South African Reserve Bank

Posted on 25 March 2011

The Department of Economics, the South African Reserve Bank and Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) jointly hosted a workshop on Monetary Economics and Macroeconomic Modelling on 10 and 11 March 2011.

As there has been a large increase in work on macroeconomic issues and modelling for the South African economy in the recent past, the focus of the workshop was to survey the work that has been done in order to analyse whether pieces of the puzzle can be made to fit together to provide a coherent picture. Since the workshop was intended as a brainstorm and overview session, the style of presentation was short ten-minute presentations by a range of participants, followed by general discussion. A total of 18 presentations were made and subject areas covered included monetary economics, monetary policy, exchange rate determination and international economics. A round-table discussion on monetary policy in central banking also took place, considering questions like What is the role of economic research in central banking?, What is the relationship between central banks and academia? and What do we need to improve this relationship? Prof Nicola Viegi, SARB Chair at the Department of Economics, opened the discussion with a review of economic research in Central Banks. Prof Viegi is also the initiator and organiser of the workshop. A total of 40 delegates from South African universities, National and Provincial Treasuries and the South African Reserve Bank attended the workshop. ERSA provided financial support to cover travel and accommodation of delegates.

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