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By Kenneth

Posted on 17 June 2008

Exams are over, stress is less - HEY ITS RECESS, so why you coming to gym less?

It’s healthy to have a balanced lifestyle-but too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing! This time of the year most people want to stay in doors- not go to work or school and basically do as little as possible. Personally I think we all eat more in winter, well it’s between winter & the Christmas season. It must be because thoughts turn to the holidays and celebrating and less concern is given to what one eats. During winter we let things slip away from us when it comes to eating, compared to the warmer season. We tend to be more conscious of the fact that we wear less, and therefore expose more to be seen. Swimming and summer, is like jackets in winter, we all enjoy being out doors in summer, from volleyball to cricket and soccer. Its quite simple; more sunlight more energy, more activity, bonus would be that we all want to enjoy the longer daylight, compared to; less sunlight less energy, less activity, bonus then would be the longer nights which we all take advantage of.
Where does TSG fit into this picture, well its called LOADSHEDDING, and no not the Eskom meaning, we us it as our American friends understand the word? I mean getting into shape; shed some of that winter load you put on, or even better come and maintain what you have, or come keep fit. I think most people eat a lot during winter time, as opposed to summer because when spring hits we all run to our nearest gym and become gym members, start following diets & exercise programs to get us back into shape. Perhaps to get our beach bodies ready for the upcoming Summer Season, where we invariably find ourselves on the beach, scantily dressed in our bikini’s or if we are brave gentlemen in our Speedo’s. So don’t wait till spring hits and then begin your exercise routines, rather carry on through the year, and yes that includes winter. Because then the process of acquiring that Beach Body will be a great deal easier, and all the unhealthy parties and Christmas meals won’t have a visible effect.
Studies that analyze the fluctuations in eating & exercise habits of people have revealed that it may vary over different seasons, with the tendency to eat more during winter, and to support that fact there is corresponding seasonal change in body weight & physical activity.
The last excuse as to why we eat so much during the winter months can be our history. Looking back at our ancestral eating patterns as to why we eat way more during winter, hunter-gather ancestors lived in a world where food availability went hand in hand with different seasons. Back then winter season meant a sharp decrease in food source, this in turn lead to a sharp increase in food intake to compensate for the lack of food combined with a low level of activity to spare energy.
Here are a few reasons why you should come to TSG now- rather than wait till spring;
☺ There are a lot less people, and you can get your pick of machines.
☺ Quiet, less guys to bother you while you’re trying to focus on ridding yourself of that tiny bit of cellulite that resiliently hangs in there. Not so much a problem for the guys who prefer the girls to bother them.
☺ You can ask the questions you always wanted to, without having to wait your turn.
☺ Calorie intake during winter is higher than any other season, another very good reason to gym and keep those calories to a minimum
Now you can actually stay and complete your entire exercise program and everything you’ve wanted to do in TSG (that is exercise related, hopefully). No more excuses, being lazy-sleepy & extra hungry. Let me ask you this, do you have a spare body to jump into?
TSG where you need to be!

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