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Pack away that Mayhem

By Thabang

Posted on 29 May 2009

One of the most unspoken, sometimes unwritten rules of any Gym is ‘Pack away the weights’.

Some Gyms even plea with clients by adding ‘Please’ to the phrase, yet day in and day out there is still a dump of weight plates and dumbbells all over the floor after business hours. This is a common trend at small or big commercial fitness centers. Besides moody clients who subscribe to a gym for only 8 weeks and then quit claiming that ‘ I don’t see any changes’; unpacked weights is the number one headache. Believe it or not it’s becoming an occupational hazard for those employed in the fitness industry. Ya’ll those things are heavy!

Every bad habit began somewhere; every epidemic has its origins. This one originated from a false perception, i.e. the ‘floor instructor syndrome’, where big commercial gyms have floor instructors which keep the floor tidy at all costs. The ambiguity of the floor instructor’s job description regarding weight packing tasks and responsibilities adds to this. The most influential factor also comes from client’s perception when they see the instructor packing away that weight-plate someone left on the floor. Then the misconception spreads and soon you have a lot of new clients leaving dumbbells lying around.

In conclusion, the cure for this cancer lies in the gym policies which have to be implemented. That starts with the big commercial centers having the guts to put it into client’s contracts. Then just giving the floor instructor the go ahead to enforce ‘If you’re big enough to pick it, then you are big enough to pack it!’.

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