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New Testament Studies


New findings made through a fresh research approach to parables
Petronel Fourie
Posted on 19 Jun 2014

Through his research of the parables in the setting of the historical Jesus (27-30 CE), Prof Ernest van Eck, a lecturer in UP’s Department of New Testament Studies with a C3 NRF-rating, aims to make a difference in the postmodern society. Prof Van Eck feels strongly about social justice and his research is centered around it.

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Building a bridge between the ancient past and the present
Petronel Fourie
Posted on 10 Jun 2014

Prof Kobus Kok, a lecturer in UP’s Department of New-Testament Studies, is one of the first New Testament academics in the world to bring the Dialogical Self Theory in line with the construction of early Christian identity. Through his latest research, he is building a bridge between the past and the present by reading the ancient texts through a socio-scientific lens in order to illustrate the ancient world’s relevance for today.

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