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New Testament Studies

Prof Kok conducts research in Berlin

By Faculty/Fakulteit

Posted on 08 March 2012

Prof Kobus Kok has just returned from Berlin where he did research at the Humboldt University for two months. This visit was made possible by the University of Pretoria’s Staff Exchange Bursary.

Prof Kok’s research in Berlin focused on the similarities and differences between Paul and the philosopher Epictetus’s theological foundation of ethics with regard to sexuality as unification of flesh between husband and wife.

Prof Kok’s visit resulted in a scientific article that will appear in the Reformed Theological Studies and, in a processed form, will also be incorporated in Prof Kok’s international monograph.

At the end of his visit, Prof Kok presented his work at the Faculty of Theology in Regensburg, Bavaria, under the guidance of Prof Tobias Nicklas with whom he co-authored a book, Sensitivity to Outsiders (WUNT II, Mohr Siebeck), that will be published later this year.

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