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A new book launched by Prof Graham Duncan

Posted on 22 February 2012

Prof Duncan launched his new book, entitled "The native school that caused all the trouble: A history of the Federal Theological Seminary of South Africa", in February 2012.

The epilogue of Prof Graham Duncan's new publication regarding the content of the book:

The Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa (Fedsem) was established in 1963 as a result of the closure of a number of denominational colleges for the training of ministers in the so-called English-speaking churches. It had a troubled history arising out of its opposition to apartheid, yet it was the only success story in the ecumenical movement in South Africa and attracted scholars from all over the world.

Among its innovative approaches was the introduction of Black Theology arising out of the Black Consciousness Movement and the participatory model of teaching. Fedsem closed in 1993 on the eve of South Africa’s democracy. By this time universities were accessible to students of all races and churches favoured their candidates to obtain university qualifications. The unresolved history of Fedsem stands as a testimony to our failure to work together as churches is the new South Africa.

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