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Finalists for the Archiprix International competition

By Prof R Fisher

Posted on 27 October 2010

The Department of Architecture, at the University of Pretoria, is proud to announce that Ruann van der Westhuizen (a 2010 MProf(Arch)-graduate) has been nominated as one of twenty-four international finalists for the Archiprix International competition.

The thesis is titled "A public bathhouse" .The project proposes an ablution facility close within the Marabastad station, precinct. The ritual of cleansing (in an urban environment) is investigated, and the built form is layered to provide different levels of privacy.

The full document is available at

Archiprix International invites the chairs of all universities worldwide teaching architecture urban design and/or landscape architecture to select their best graduation project and invites the designer(s) to submit the selected project for participation. In addition to the 6 panels submitted the designer can upload the project on our website where all entries of all editions will be accessible for everyone interested.

All submitted entries are reviewed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by an international jury. The international jury of experts assesses and comments upon the submissions. The jury report is published on the web site and in the book. The jury selects the very best projects. The selection of the jury and the composition of the jury is a shared responsibility of Archiprix International and the MIT.

In May of 2011 all participants will be invited to participate in the Archiprix International workshops. These best graduates from around the world form a unique group of young talented designers. They will assemble in the premises of the MIT. The workshops are lead by prominent designers and will address themes relevant to architecture, urban design and/or landscape architecture in the 21st century. The organization and further programming of the workshops will be done by the MIT in consultation with Archiprix International.

All entries will be exposed in the MIT. A selection of about 25 (out of an estimated number of 200 – 300 entries) graduation projects submitted to Archiprix International will be compiled into a major overview exhibition to be shown in a public venue for a broad public. The exhibition concept will be developed in collaboration with the MIT and the Antenna-Men.

The Archiprix International awards ceremony will be held after the workshop. All participants, as well as representatives of the participating educational institutions and of the participating countries will be invited to attend. Hunter Douglas will invite their architect relations. The chairperson of the international jury will present the jury report and announce the winners. The program focuses mainly on the Archiprix International participants and their plans.

A selection of the submitted entries of the Archiprix International will be published in a book. The book will present a cross section of the submitted projects, among them the projects nominated by the jury, as well as the favourites of the participants. The book is published in collaboration with 010 Publishers. The book will be edited by Archiprix International Rotterdam, the design and lay-out of the book will be done by the Antenna-Men.

All submitted projects of all editions of the Archiprix International are published on the website. The Archiprix International website serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it provides an international platform for budding design talent whose graduation work can be viewed in digital form. On the other hand it functions as an easily accessed source of information about Archiprix International for the participating students and educational institutions. Over the years, regardless of which country takes on the task of organizing Archiprix International, the website remains a constant factor, a reliable source of information with details about educational institutions and a virtual exhibition space for the most talented young designers of the moment.

The website also presents the world’s most extensive list of schools in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

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