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500+ Landscape Architects (UP)

By Ida Breed

Posted on 18 April 2012

Commemorating the landscape architecture graduandi at the University of Pretoria since the opening of the programme in 1980

The 2nd year Landscape Architecture students joined in a one day project scheme on 11 April to celebrate the future of Landscape Architecture in South Africa. A land art project was created to commemorate the graduandi in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pretoria since the opening of the  programme in 1980. The Installation is entitled: 500+ Landscape Architects (UP).
The event held on 11 April at the new Botany Building on the Hatfield Campus coincided with the book launch: South African landscape Architecture - A Compendium and a Reader.
The land art allowed students to participate in this important event as the future of the discipline rests in their hands. Land Art allows students to engage with aspects of materials, form, time and change in the external environment. The execution of the project helped students understand the implication of design decisions in terms of team work, material choice, cost, time and final effect.

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