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Department of Sport & Leisure Studies

Workshop on Sport for People with Disabilities

By Salmar Burger

Posted on 25 October 2009

UP-KSU Workshop
UP-KSU Workshop

Sport for People with Disabilities Workshop

On 18 and 19 September the Department of Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences (UP) in collaboration with the Wellstar College of Health and Human Services at Kennesaw State University (USA), hosted a successful workshop on sport for people with disabilities. The workshop was aimed at students (especially in the areas of biokinetics, sport and leisure sciences, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and other forms of physical therapy), teachers, coaches and trainers involved with participants with disabilities in sport. Topics covered during the workshop were: 
  • Sport management related to sport for people with disabilities; 
  • Classification in Paralympic sport; 
  • Medical and safety issues in sport for people with disabilities; 
  • Sport science in sport for people with disabilities; 
  • Women and girls in sport; and
  • Sport and human/disability rights.
The programme included a full day workshop on Friday 18 September, followed by a half-day festival in which attendees will practically apply knowledge gained during the workshop. The festival included sports like boccia (target game), wheelchair dance, 7-aside-soccer, wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball,  and wheelchair basketball.

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