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New Balance take their Technical Training for Retail staff to a new level at the hpc

Deur RM

Gelaai op 22 Julie 2008

The New Balance team in conjunction with the highly qualified staff & world class facilities at the hpc have taken their Tech training to a new level by having Retail staff training at the hpc, University of Pretoria.

The Retail training involve input from the hpc's staff qualified in running injuries and other sporting injuries while the New Balance Tech team, Justin and Coenraad will provide updated product information.

In addition to this, New Balance has introduced the retail members to some of the sponsored athletes who perform in NB products to provide feedback to the sales people on the floor.

Picture: A group of Total Sports specialist footwear sales staff pictured with Hezikiel Sepeng (NB sponsored athlete) and Coenraad, Pepsi and Justin from New Balance.

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