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Crack shot Satu MŠkelŠ-Nummela makes hpc a safe place

Gelaai op 17 Maart 2010

Satu MŠkelŠ-Nummela and Matti Nummela.
Satu MŠkelŠ-Nummela and Matti Nummela.

During the past three weeks the hpc has been the safest place in South Africa, being that Satu MŠkelŠ-Nummela, the Olympic gold medalist shoot, and her husband, Matti Nummela, who is also a three time Olympian, had been staying here.

Satu Mákelá-Nummela has been shooting since the age of 12 when she first competed in mock (artificial targets) cross country hunting challenges. In 1991 Satu moved into the competitive arena of shooting by specializing in Ladies’ Trap.

Due to work and family commitments Satu could only train twice per week when she started out and still today is not a full time athlete. Though in the face of that challenge, Satu won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She was then further honored by being awarded the Finish Sports Personality of the Year and Finish Sports Woman of the Year in the same year.

Satu and Matti spend 10  hours per day training and refining their skills.

Satu and Matti have been to hpc for four years now. During 2009 the hpc hosted their children Patrick and Sara but due to their school commitments they could not be here this year. They have assured the hpc that they will be back next year. When asking why they return every year, the following are their reasons:

1. Great weather

2. Good shooting range

3. Friendly staff

4. Good food and accommodation

5. Massage on off days

The hpc look forward to hosting Satu and Matti again next year. We wish them good shooting and many more medals.

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