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November was Athletics Month at the hpc

By Manfred Seidler

Posted on 03 December 2008

One sproting code kept the hpc at the University of Pretoria very busy during the month of November and into December.

From 21-22 November, Athletics South Africa had their annual coaches meeting at the hpc which was tied into the 6 weekly Athletics South Africa Squad testing from 24 to 29 November. During this time the Squad that ASA have identified as World Champion and Olympic Athletics undergo stringent fitness tests to document their fitness progress in their preparations for 2009 World Athletics Championships and 2012 Olympic Games. The tests are conducted using all the support services that the hpc has at its disposal.

The Zone VI Championships will be taking place in Potchefstroom from 3-12 December and are made up of 8 sporting codes, including athletics. As has become normal, Athletics South Africa based their team at the hpc for final preparations. As defending champions from Windhoek in 2006, Athletics South Africa is keen to retain their title and as such have selected a big squad of 44 athletes to that effect. With that in mind the final preparations were held at the hpc from 21 November to Tuesday 2 December. The preparations included lectures on nutrition and practical sessions such as mental preparation as provided by the hpc Support Services.

The big coup though is that the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) believes that the only place to host the IAAF Sprint Elite Course is as the hpc. This course runs from 23 November to 3 December and is geared at all the English Speaking Countries in Africa. The IAAF runs regular coaching courses on the different aspects of athletics which are all done at the hpc.

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