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Head Girl of TuksSport High got 6 Distinctions

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Gelaai op 25 Januarie 2011

TuksSport High is very proud of Rochelle Ras, the Head Girl with her six distinctions, especially in breaking the fallacy of a sport school not being able to produce outstanding academic results and perform in the sporting arena.

Profile: TuksSport 6 distinctions head girl Rochelle Ras (swimmer)

Rochelle joined the TuksSport school as a grade 8 from St Thomas  Aquinas in Witbank and a very promising swimmer for the future. Rochelle was actively encouraged to consider the then new TuksSport school, especially because her talent exceeded the opportunities that was offered in Witbank. Reflecting on her decision back in 2006 she highlights the positives as “being surrounded by other like-minded serious athletes”,  “receiving top coaching in a world class environment”,  “having an unique opportunity to experience being part of a school designed around the demands of developing serious athletes”, “it was a privilege to be accepted into the school”.


Rochelle highlighted the negatives as “being physically exhausted daily”, “being challenged emotionally to commit to rigorous daily training and performing in competitions” and “coping with being away from home, especially over some holidays when heavy training is done”. 


Rochelle quickly made her mark both in the pool and in the school that eventually ended up with her being Head girl of the school in 2010, but unfortunately recovering from an injury that interrupted her swimming development. She is especially proud of having the opportunity to add to the school’s unique ethos and representing the University’s very own sport school during the World cup. She gleefully mentions the thrill of meeting legends like Diego Maradonna, Lionel Messi, the Argentinian ambassador and developing public speaking skills as well as leadership capabilities.


Her answer to the question on how she coped attaining distinctions in Afrikaans, Maths, Business studies, Accounting, CAT and LO and follow a rigorous recovery programme was that if any school could facilitate this balance, it is the TuksSport school. The school’s approach and structure of the academic programme as well as the teachers enthusiasm for the learners to excel at both academics as well as sport, makes it all possible.


Rochelle is at a crossroads in her recovery process which means she will need another operation to finally repair a muscle tear that is keeping her out of swimming for now. She decided to postpone the final operation in favour of focussing on her matric year and will make a final decision on her future in the pool after she has recovered from this operation. Rochelle has enrolled for B.Comm entrepreneurship at Tuks for 2011 and will decide later what post graduate direction she will follow.


When asked if she will recommend the TuksSport school to others, she said; “I will definitely recommend it for kids with a sporting dream and the will to persue it. This school offers the best opportunity to both excel academically and on the sportsfield, as long as you are prepared to go the extra mile. The school’s academic standard and the teachers don’t have to take a back seat to any other school….to prove my point, my little brother who shows very good promise as a swimmer and is academically strong is starting at my alma mater this year.”    


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