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Royal Challengers Bangalore prepare at hpc

By Maurice Aronstam

Posted on 09 September 2010

TuksCricket having lunch with Royal Challengers Bangalore.
TuksCricket having lunch with Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have been very active around the Tuks cricket facilities since the 24th of September when the first of their players arrived to stay at the hpc.

The RCB have been preparing for the upcoming Champions Trophy Tournament which will be held here in South Africa.

The coach of the RCB, Ray Jennings has been kind enough to invite the Tuks cricketers to aid them in their preparation.

The Tuks men, especially the bowlers, have been fortunate enough to see first hand how some of the best cricketers in the world go to work. With the likes of Jacques Kallis, Raul Dravid, Virat Kholi, Robin Utthapa, Cameron White and Ross Taylor batting in the nets, the supply of balls needed to be endless as many a bowler was dispatched to the far ends of the Tuks Oval.

This experience was best encapsulated by one of the young cricketers, when standing in the cricket office and seeing Raul Dravid in an interview on Supersport blitz, commenting: “it’s hard to believe that a few hours ago I was standing in the slips next to that man”.

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