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UP Calendar

The calender is subject to change and will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Student Representatives
Click on the tab in the main menu to view the student representatives.

Due to the ever changing vacancies in the industry, check the notice board outside Office 11-08 in the Engineering 1 Tower Block Building for work oppurtunities or companies that offer bursaries.

Undergraduate Timetables:
The following timetables will be available on the 11th Floor at the Civil Engineering Department in the Engineering 1 Tower Block as and when it becomes available.  
- Lecture timetable
- Examination timetable
- Engineering Test Week timetables
- Sick Test timetable
- Supplementary Examination timetable

Due to the fact that timetables are constantly updated throughout the semester, we do not supply them in an electronic format to students.
Postgraduate Timetables:
The Postgraduate timetables are available here:

2014 Block week Timetables and Examination information (Revised 24 February 2014) 

Practical Training
Click on the following link for the information regarding practical training in the vacation.

Practical training