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Welcome to TuksChess

TuksChess has been revived, and is here to stay for generations to come at  the University of Pretoria.
The University wants to play a part in the growth of chess.
It is in this regard that the University has taken this chance, and decided to bring back chess as a sport .
It was in the aspect of wanting to create new GM’s (Grandmasters) in chess and therefore possibly becoming SA leaders in chess.



Craig Bornheim claims the 2014 TuksChess Open Crown - 22/09/2014
From Chess

On the 13th of September 2014, TuksChess hosted the TuksChess Open Tournament at Sci-Enza. An Open Tournament allows anyone to take part in the tournament.

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What is chess?

Chess is a board game which is played between two opponents.

The modern chess aroused in Europe, during the second half of the 15th century. Presently chess has earned a spot as one of the most popular games in the world. It is now played all over the world by everyone of any age.

Chess is played on what is known as a chessboard, which is a square-checkered board having 64 squares arranged in an eight by eight grid.
At the start, each player controls sixteen pieces (8 Pawns, 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, 1 Queen, and 1 King), one player has white, while the other has black ones.

The objective of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, whereby the King is in check and cannot move it out of check in the next move.