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Nagraadse Skool vir Tegnologiebestuur

Engineering Management Society (EMS)


6 March 2013: Mr J Coetzee - "Current Excitement in the Field of Asset Management"

8 March 2012:  Prof J.L. (Wikus) van Niekerk -  "Why should South Africa invest in the development of renewable energy resources?"

24 March 2011: Johan Slabber - The Fukushima Tragedy –Is Koeberg Next?    

18 August 2011: Ms Sarah Sheared - "Systems Engineering and Complexity"

9 March 2011: Dr Ronnie McKenzie - "Orange/Vaal System"

19 August 2010: Barry MacColl - "Technology Strategy and Planning Manager

12 March 2009: Mr Frans Hugo - "Biodiesel: From whence and where to"

7 November 2008: Dr. Adrian Tiplady - "An Engineering Challenge for Next-Generation Astronomical Research :  The Square Kilometre Array"    (SKA Animation)

20 August 2008: Dr Van Zyl de Villiers "More nuclear power for South Africa: dream or necessity?"

21 May 2008: Prof AJ Buys - "Astronomical Technology and the Exploration of the Universe" 

5 March 2008: Prof D Holm - "South Africa's energy crisis: "We shall not solve a problem by the thinking that caused the problem" Albert Einstein” - Multi-disciplinary impacts of Renewable Energies"

7 November 2007: Dr Greg Tosen - "Coal and Innovation in Eskom - rising to the global challenge"