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Medalist October 2013


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SASCOC and SA Sport
If only...

Not if...when
Renaissance Swimmers
Technically speaking
Legend: Maria Mutola
For the love of cricket

High Performance Services
Psychology: The Coaches' Role in Learning
Physiotherapy: How to manage sport injuries while training and competing
Biomechanics: Lights ... Camera ... Action = Feedback
Biokinetics: The Gauteng Province 'Comrades Project Initiative'
ISR: How biokinetics assists after injury?
Medical: Determining fatigue levels
Nutrition: Eat the small stuff
Nutrition: Benefits of Protein Peptides in Sport
Parenting in Sport: Parental role in managing children's sporting injuries
Sport Science Gym: Strength and Conditioning for golf

TuksSport High School
hpc Academies
Tablet technology in the classroom: Panacea or placebo

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