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Continuing Professional Development

Short courses

The Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases presents the following short courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in collaboration with CEatUP. If you have a specific need for customized training courses in the Tropical Animal Health field, please contact the short courses coordinator for a quotation.

Course fees*
African Epizootic Diseases of Livestock for Animal Health Technicians
R 4,000.00
Molecular Biology: PCR and DNA sequencing techniques
R 11,500.00
Real-time PCR (Roche)
R 6,500.00
Transboundary Diseases
R 7,000.00

*Courses can be presented at a venue of choice, depending on the number of candidates. Course fees may vary accordingly.

Note: All banking costs are additional to the price quoted in Rands.

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