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The mission of the Faculty of Theology is to serve the church, community and science, bearing in mind our devotion to the African context and sensitivity to the concerns of different Christian traditions of faith. As John Mbiti once said: "You are because we are, we are because you are." Hence, we are proud to count people from across the world among our students and alumni. 



Research into SA’s unique ritual-liturgical landscape - 19/08/2014
From Practical Theology

Prof Cas Wepener, a C2-graded researcher from the Department Practical Theology at UP, is researching South Africa’s ritual-liturgical landscape, which he describes as a fairly unique landscape that cannot really be equated with that of any other country. Ritual expressions of religion and spirituality in South Africa challenges the traditional theological discipline of Liturgical Studies that was born and raised in the West, thereby providing interesting research possibilities into this discipline.

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SA's four deans of Theology meet to benchmark the discipline - 04/08/2014
From Faculty of Theology

The deans of the four South African faculties of Theology – housed in the universities of Pretoria, the Free State, North West and Stellenbosch – met in Bloemfontein on 4 August 2014, where they reflected on a model for benchmarking Theology in South Africa and exerting the Higher Education in a Digital Age (HEDA) model.

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Training opportunities: August to October 2014 - 04/08/2014
From Centre for Contextual Ministry

The Centre for Contextual Ministry offers training and development opportunities for church and community leaders.

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Theology students celebrated Mandela Day on Robben Island - 25/07/2014
From Church History and Church Polity

Students in the Department of Church History and Polity and their lecturer, Dr Johan van der Merwe, visited the Western Cape from 14 to 21 July. While there, they had the opportunity to spend a night on Robben Island, in the prison where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years.

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The role of religion in society and culture researched - 22/07/2014
From Practical Theology

Religion is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon within the global village. It occurs persistently in various forms. Therefore research on the role of religion in politics, sociology, psychology and cultural studies cannot be ignored. Prof Johann Meylahn, a practical theologian in UP’s Faculty of Theology, who has a C2 rating from the NRF, is currently doing research in this field. Philosophy and lived-religion is his latest research interest. He brings philosophy, specifically critical theory, hermeneutics, metaphysics and phenomenology, into conversation with lived-religion.

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