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High Performance Centre

Biomechanical and Video Analysis

When a razor’s edge or 1/100 of a second can mean the difference between gold and silver, or even no medal at all, it’s not surprising that digital video technology has become an Olympic standard and is widely used by team and individual sports alike. The hpc Biomechanics and Video Analysis department, together with Dartfish analysis software, brings visual technology to the training and competitive environment, placing powerful analysis tools and knowledge at the fingertips of coaches, athletes, students, teachers, physiotherapists, trainers and all other interested parties alike, without interrupting the flow of training or competition. To enhance performance, athletes need to understand what to do, why, how and when. Video analysis allows a new dimension of both understanding and communication by allowing athletes to self assess and better understand the difference between what is seen by the coach, what they “feel” in training, and what is actually happening in slow motion. Biomechanical input also helps in increasing the efficiency of movements and reducing the risk of injury by determining individual weaknesses/ limitations and highlighting compensation patterns.

Services offered by this department include:

Functional Movement Analysis

Video Analysis

Technique Analysis

Gait Analysis


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