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High Performance Centre

Biomechanics & Performance Analysis

The Biomechanics & Performance Analysis team at the hpc uses video technology and Dartfish analysis software to record and assess all aspects your performance, placing powerful analysis tools and knowledge at the fingertips of coaches, athletes, students, teachers, physiotherapists and trainers. Whether you’re concerned with injury prevention, enhancing your technique, or achieving the optimal competitive strategy in individual or team sports, we can provide you with analysis and information that is based on scientific evidence and elite sports practice.

Who we are:

Dr Helen Bayne, PhD
Helen completed her doctoral studies in sports biomechanics at the University of Western Australia, with a focus on lower back biomechanics and injuries in cricket fast bowlers. She draws on this international sports science knowledge and her previous experience as a biokineticist to provide athletes, coaches, and medical professionals with the information they need to improve sports performance or reduce the risk of injury. She has a particular interest in cricket, sprinting, and rowing.

Ms Amy Bathgate, BA (HMS Hons) Sport Science
Amy is a skilled video analyst and one of only two Dartfish Certified Instructors in South Africa. She holds a particular interest in swimming biomechanics and specialises in the analysis of swimming technique using underwater cameras to provide valuable feedback to coaches and swimmers of all levels. Amy has worked with athletes of all levels in a variety of other sports, such as tennis, cricket and athletics field events.

Mr Ernest Hobbs, BA (HMS Hons) Sport Science
Ernest provides both biomechanics and performance analysis services to individual athletes and teams. He specialises in gait analysis for runners, where he has assisted athletes at every level including beginners, Comrades runners and competitive triathletes. He also delivers team sport performance analysis in rugby, football, hockey and water polo for numerous schools and clubs, providing information to assist coaches with tactical and technical preparation.

Services offered by the Biomechanics & Performance Analysis department:

· Functional Movement Screen: Before focusing on your performance goals, such as strength, speed, power or technical skill, you should make sure that you have the necessary movement foundation. Through a series of fundamental movement pattern tests, any weak links that may limit your performance and increase your risk of injury are identified. These results provide essential information to coaches and conditioning trainers, and are especially valuable for individuals who are beginning a new training regime or have been struggling with injury problems.

· Sport-Specific Technique Analysis: Video analysis of your technique is tailored to the requirements of your sport. Whether you require underwater filming of your swimming technique, or high speed video analysis of your bowling action, we will aim to provide you with information that is relevant and practical. You will receive a report containing both qualitative and quantitative results, in conjunction with your video footage.

· Gait Analysis: Slow motion filming of your walking and running gait is used to analyse lower limb mechanics. This information can be used to inform your strength training programme and running shoe choices. Beginners, experienced “weekend warriors” and elite distance runners have all benefitted from learning about their individual gait mechanics.

· Performance Analysis: In team sports, analysis of filmed match content reveals trends and statistics that help coaches assess their team’s performance, develop optimal strategies, and understand their opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. In individual racing events, such as in swimming and track & field, races can be broken down into appropriate splits to help improve pacing strategies and identify phases of the race where an athlete is losing time.