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High Performance Centre

Sport Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy team at the high performance centre consists of four qualified physiotherapists and a full time masseuse and stretch therapist.

The team:

Andri Smuts (head physiotherapist), Corli van der Watt (physiotherapist), Garreth Bruni (physiotherapist), Jaco Swart (physiotherapist), JP du Plessis (massage and stretch therapist)

This busy clinic looks after national and international sportsmen and women, recreational athletes, the diplomatic corps of Pretoria, Ministers and Deputy Ministers, but most of all the general public with any type of injury. The physiotherapy team is very experienced and represent South Africa at various provincial, national and world sport events both locally and internationally as the team physiotherapist. Regular congresses, courses and updates are attended by the whole team to comply with the HPCSA registration requirements and continued education concepts.

Individual members of the team also lecture part-time and run a busy practical student clinic where 3rd and 4th year physiotherapy students can obtain firsthand experience in the treatment of various injuries and conditions. These students treat the general public and injured students at a lower costs to make the service of good physiotherapy more accessible to everyone. Booking is essential (see contact details below).

Services offered:

  • Pre-season functional movement assessment (to diagnose possible muscle imbalances and to correct them)
  • Spinal mobilization and manipulations (back and neck conditions and injuries)
  • Peripheral joint mobilizations and treatments (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist and finger injuries)
  • Treatment and diagnosis of soft tissue injuries such as muscle tears, tendinopathies and ligament injuries
  • Lyno method (myofascial techniques)
  • Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
  • Exercise prescriptions for various conditions e.g., scoliosis
  • People with disabilities (we offer easy disability access)
  • Pilates and yoga individual rehabilitation
  • Headaches and tempero mandibular problems
  • Electro therapy: ultrasound, laser, interferential, tens, shockwave
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage
  • Stretch therapy

For more information contact:
Andri Smuts: or 012 362-9850, 083 271 4524

Student clinic: 012 420-6085