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Departement Statistiek

Interne Statistiese Konsultasiediens

Die Departement Statistiek lewer 'n statistiese konsultasiediens om aan alle akademici en administratiese personeel van die Universiteit van Pretoria, asook meesters- en doktorale studente, ondersteuning met hul empiriese navorsing te bied. Kliek hier vir aansoekvorm. 

Guidelines for the use of the internal statistical consultation service

The aim of the internal consultation service of the Department of Statistics is to support the research function of the University by raising the standard of implementation of statistical methodology. 
This free service is available to UP staff for their academic research, to doctoral students and to master's students whose research component forms a substantial part of their degree.

 The specific services entail:

  •  Assistance with regard to                                                                                            -­    Questionnaire design and layout
          -­    Sampling design and sample size determination
    ­    Experimental design
  • Data capturing for analysis
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data
  • Assistance with regard to the interpretation of the results

Applicants must submit a completed application form, whereafter they will be contacted via e-mail for a first consultation with the statistical team, consisting of a statistician and a research consultant. This initial contact should take place early in the research project. In the case of students, it is expected that the supervisor or promoter will attend consultations with the student. The statisticians are members of the academic staff in the Department and are not involved in the consultation service full-time. They have obligations to their own students who will take priority and at certain times of the academic year our response time may be impacted.

Terms and conditions

  • We reserve the right to refuse to capture and/or analyse data collected without the involvement of the internal consultation team at the onset of the research project.
  • Consultations are conducted by appointment only.
  • Consultations are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Consultations are not conducted via e-mail or telephone.
  • Consultations are only scheduled during normal working hours.
  • The statistical team does not act as the supervisor of any student.
  • The supervisor(s) should accompany the student during all consultations. We reserve the right to refuse consulting with the student should this condition not be met.
  • We do not write reports of research findings/results.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for the statistical correctness of research results as reported by a student/researcher.
  • The nature and extent of the research should be such that it is publishable as an article in a journal. It is expected that the contribution of the statistical consultant/s is acknowledged by granting co-authorship where the article could not be published without their input. For record-keeping purposes we require that an electronic copy of the final article and/or thesis/dissertation be sent to us at completion of the project.