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The hopes of South Africa rests, to a very large extent, on developments in Science, Engineering and Technology. The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences aims to provide leadership in the fields of basic natural sciences and mathematics. It has substantial records of research achievement. High quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education is offered and involvement in a variety of community projects contribute to excellence provided by the Faculty.



Mail and Guardian chooses UP scientists as the voices of science - 29/09/2014
From Institute for Food, Nutrition and Well-being

The newspaper Mail & Guardian (M&G) is running a six-month project called Science Voices, which aims to help postgraduate science students to present their academic writing in a language that is understandable and enjoyable for the general public to read. Postgraduate students submitted their articles to M&G and top articles were selected and published. Two PhD candidates and one MSc candidate from UPís Institutional Research Theme (IRT) on Food, Nutrition and Well-being were selected for this prestigious profile supplement published by M&G.

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2014 Final Year Students - 25/09/2014
From Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Final Year Agricultural Economics Students

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South African Mathematics Team Competition (SATMC) 2014 - 19/09/2014
From Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Two junior teams (Gr 8-9) and three senior teams (Gr 10-12) consisting of ten members each competed on Saturday, 14 September in the annual SATMC against teams from all over Southern Africa.

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Prof John Taylor Delivered a Keynote Lecture at IUFoST Congress - 12/09/2014
From Department of Food Science

Prof John Taylor, a Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology, delivered a Keynote lecture on “Developments in improving the quality of gluten-free bread made from non-wheat cereals through modification of their starch and protein properties”.

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PhD Food Science student won International Award - 12/09/2014
From Department of Food Science

Mr Matthew Aijuka, a PhD Food Science student of the Department of Food Science, University of Pretoria, was a prize winner of the IUFoSTís food safety beyond borders graduate scientific paper competition. The award was presented during the 17th World Congress of Food Science and Technology and Expo of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) held in Montreal, Canada from 17 to 21 August 2014.

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