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Welcome to the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

The hopes of South Africa rests, to a very large extent, on developments in Science, Engineering and Technology. The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences aims to provide leadership in the fields of basic natural sciences and mathematics. It has substantial records of research achievement. High quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education is offered and involvement in a variety of community projects contribute to excellence provided by the Faculty.



IFNuW leads a national accreditation initiative and opens career paths for students - 01/08/2014
From Institute for Food, Nutrition and Well-being

The Institute for Food, Nutrition and Well-being (IFNuW) of the University of Pretoria (UP) is the driving force behind an important initiative aimed at ensuring the adequacy of food, not only in quantity but also in quality, that is available to the South African public.

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GCE MyCOE Youth TechCamp 2014 hosted at UP - 30/07/2014
From Centre for Geoinformation Science

A Global Connections and Exchange: My Community, our Earth (MyCOE) Youth TechCamp was hosted at UP from 14 22 July 2014. The program aims to provide opportunities for youth to learn more about online geotechnologies and how to apply them in service of their communities, while gaining a deeper understanding about different places and cultures of the world. It is conducted by the Association of American Geographers (AAG) with funding and support from the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Your Programs Division. In 2014, GCE MyCOE Youth TechCamps were held in South Africa, Bolivia and Panama.

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Latest edition of Faculty newsletter now available - 22/07/2014
From Faculty of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

The latest edition (July 2014) of the Faculty newsletter (SquaredUP) is now available.

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UP's wonder couple take on cancer - 18/07/2014
From Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit

Chemotherapy and radiation that are used currently in the fight against cancer not only attack cancer cells but also normal cells, and this leads to side effects for patients receiving treatment. In 2005, UP wonder couple Professors Annie and Fourie Joubert decided to combine their expertise in biochemistry and bioinformatics in pursuit of developing a new anticancer drug that targets only cancer cells. Together with their postgraduate students, and with national and international collaboration, they have so far achieved results that hold great promise for anticancer drug development.

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Leading expert on fracking, shale gas and water resources speaks at UP - 07/07/2014
From Department of Geology

Speaking at UP, Professor Avner Vengosh, Professor of Geochemistry and Water Quality and Chair of the Water and Air Resources programme at the Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University, USA, shared his expertise on the risks to water resources posed by unconventional shale gas development and hydraulic fracking in the United States. This was an appropriate topic of discussion given recurring debates on water issues and the exploration of fracking in the Karoo.

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