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Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

Working Papers

2005 2006

No. 2001-01 Size 54KB
Is agricultural sector growth a precondition for economic growth? The case of South Africa
Poonyth, D., Hassan, R., Kirsten, J.F. and Calcaterra, M.


No. 2001-02 Size 115KB
Business Systems for Increased Competitiveness in the Agribusiness Sector of South Africa
Van Rooyen, C.J. & Esterhuizen, D.


No. 2001-03 Size 60KB
"Winners", "Losers" and "Turnarounds" in the South African Agro-food and Fibre Industry
Van Rooyen, C.J. & Esterhuizen, D.


No. 2001-04 Size 75KB
Efficiency Analysis of Small Scale Wool Production in the Former Transkei, South Africa
Haese, M.D., Calus, M., Kirsten, J.F., Van Huylenbroeck, G. & Bostyn, F.


No. 2001-05 Size 79KB
Are We Still Investing in South African Agriculture: Perceptions, Evidence and Analysis
Esterhuizen, D., Van Rooyen, C.J. & Doyer, O.T.


No. 2001-06 Size 65KB
Determinants of Competitiveness in the South African Agro-Food and Fibre Complex
Esterhuizen, D., Van Rooyen, C.J. & D' Haese, L.


No. 2001-07 Size 67KB
Creating a chain reaction: the competitiveness of the agricultural input industry in South Africa
Esterhuizen, D. & Van Rooyen, C.J.


No. 2001-08 Size 111KB
A Descriptive Analysis Of Employment Trends In South African Agriculture
Nick Vink and Johann Kirsten


No. 2001-09 Size 166KB
Managerial Ability and its Influence on Size Economies in South African Dairy Production
L Beyers


No. 2001-10 Size 75KB
Modeling the South African Agricultural Production Structure and Flexibility of Input Substitution
Poonyth, D., Van Zyl, J., Vink, N. & Kirsten, J.F.


No. 2001-11 Size 123KB
Prospects For Rural Growth? Measuring Growth Linkages in a South African Smallholder Farming Area
Simphiwe, N


No. 2001-12 Size 128KB
Poverty And Diversity Of Livelihood Systems In Post-Apartheid Rural South Africa: Insights Into Local Levels In The Eastern Cape Province
Perret, S.R


No. 2001-13 Size 118KB
Hedging Maize Yield With Weather Derivatives
Geyser, J.M. & Van de Venter, T.W.G.


No. 2001-14 Size 75KB
The Impact Of Inflation On Stock Prices In Two SADC Countries
Geyser, J.M. & Lowies, G.A.


No. 2001-15 Size 90KB
New water policy, irrigation management transfer and smallholding irrigation schemes in South Africa: institutional challenges
Perret, S.R.


No. 2001-16 Size 88KB
The New Institutional Economics: Applications for Agricultural Policy Research in Developing Countries
Mylène Kherallah & Johann Kirsten


No. 2001-17 Size 262KB
Genetically Modified Cotton in South Africa: The Solution for Rural Development?
Hofs, J.L. & Kirsten, J