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 Regulation and supervision of Microfinance Institutions: The Experience in South Africa - G. Coetzee

 Retail rural finance in South Africa: From policies to practice

 Agricultural Policy Reform in South Africa

 Agricultural Democratisation of South Africa

Working Papers

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ABSA Agribusiness Chair / Regoverning Markets Papers

In 2007/08 a number of papers were released under the Regoverning Markets of Southern Africa program. Many of these papers can be found under the following sub headings.

Regional Synthesis

1. Southern Africa Synthesis
2. Sub Saharan Africa Synthesis

Regoverning Markets Southern Africa Policy Briefs

1. Restructuring Food Markets in Africa
2. A Program to Mainstream Black Farmers
3. Agribusiness Linkages in SADC
4. Improved Small Scale Farmer Access
5. Role of Fresh Produce Markets
6. Interregional Trade in Agri-&Agroprocessed Produce
7. Botswana Trends in Agri Retail and Wholesale Chains
8. Namibia Trends in Agri Retail and Wholesale Chains
9. Restructuring Food Markets in Zambia

CEEPA Publications

CEEPA Publications