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Advocacy training for advocates

Posted on 21 February 2011

During the week of 10 to 15 January 2011, the National Bar Association offered training for advocates. The training, which took place in Stellenbosch, was aimed at providing exposure to the conducting of a court trial in civil disputes and was attended by well-known judges and senior counsel.

Danie du Plessis, from the Department of Accounting, specialises in forensic accounting. He participated in a mock trial as an expert witness. The trial was based on a case study dealing with a civil dispute arising from accounting matters in the takeover of a company. Roles of either presenting the plaintiff or the defendant were allocated to a team of forensic accountants. The forensic accountants had to consult with their respective counsel. They then took part in the court process during which evidence was given and then subjected to cross-examination. The judges and senior counsel acted as presiding officers.

According to the representatives of the National Bar Association and the participants, the training was very successful and a decision was made to repeat the training annually.

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