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Department of Food Science

Career Opportunities

Food Scientists have highly marketable knowledge and professional skills and work in South Africa and abroad as researchers, product developers, production managers, quality assurance staff, technical product and process advisors as well as entrepreneurs in food and food-related industries.

The work environment of food scientists includes laboratories, food production sites, business premises, training areas, the small and large retail, government institutions and research organisations. Food scientists also work in industries and companies that manufacture and supply materials (e.g.packaging, food additives likes colourants and flavourants) for the food industry or that are indirectly involved in food production and sales. 


Food Scientists are trained to meet the challenge of developing and supplying foods that comply with food safety legislation and standards and the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer. Food Scientists also lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition through the development of affordable, nutritious foods. 


The need for graduates with training in both the disciplines of nutrition and food science is recognised internationally and is now a reality in South Africa.  This combination provides career opportunities in product development, technical sales and marketing, research, quality control, food and nutrition analyses, food manufacture and retail, food service, food legislation, food journalism as well as education and training.  Such persons can be regarded as consumers' champions and act as the link between the consumer and other role-players in the food industry.




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